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Words of Gratitude




Dear Friends of Elissa,

My name is Makayla Crowder.

I met Elissa in December of 2019 while we were both recovering from grief and loss. Elissa has become one of my Dearest Friends and a surrogate mom to me after the passing of my mom in March. She has helped me grow my Mary Kay business by being my best customer, supporter, and encourager! She has also given me lots of contacts to help support and grow my business! She embodies the spirit of Women Helping Women and loves to give back! Because of Elissa, I have made over $400 to put towards my spring 2021 school semester. I am self-sufficient and support myself. I am a single 23-year old and have been blessed enough to get to know Elissa and be supported by her Women Supporting Women personal program.


She has not only helped me financially, but she has also helped me grow spiritually. We have been discussing Judaism, and the religious and spiritual characteristics of Judaism. I had recently told Elissa that I wanted to find spirituality outside of my family’s beliefs and become my own person and make my own decisions. She has been so supportive and given me information, advice, guidance, and education on how to find the best spiritual relationship with God. She has changed my life for the better and is a phenomenal human being.


She has inspired me to start giving back to the community as well, so I donated $300 in Visa gift cards to her to help others in need. In my last conversation with Elissa, she told me that she mailed or had a friend hand deliver all six of those $50 gift cards to women that she's met or vetted through friends of hers that are around the country. These women live in NY, NJ, NH, TX, FL, and TN. She is the most loving, caring, giving, and selfless woman I have ever met! She is such an inspiration to many and is making changes in the world. Without Elissa and her love and support , I would not have been able to keep growing in my recovery with mental health, grief, and loss!


Thank you to my dearest friend Elissa for all you do and will continue to do!

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