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Are you suffering the loss of a spouse, a loved one or a friend, or a pet?


Have you lost your job and finding it difficult to get back on your feet?


Are you in the throes of a divorce or child custody battle?


Have you suffered through a traumatic experience, such as a sexual assault, severe illness, or accident?


Everyone needs support at difficult times in their lives or when they need to make a difficult decision.


Elissa is an Interfaith Chaplain and Rabbinic Pastor. She completed her Cinical Pastoral Education training at North Shore University Hospital, Long Island Jewish Medical Center, NY.


She listens compassionately and gives you the support you need to help you through grief, trauma, life decisions, milestones, religious decisions, and many of life's other challenges.


She brings personal experience of losing her husband, and a lifetime of wisdom and empathy to her counseling sessions.


Whatever you are struggling with, Elissa can help.


Group and individual counseling available immediately via phone or teleconference or outside near her home.

Pastoral Counseling -- Life Changing Events
Spiritual and Emotional Support

Holding Hands

"I am so grateful for Elissa Kaplan Senter! ...She took the time to really listen to me, gently shared her experience of a family member's bariatric surgery, and encouraged me to check out an information session. This changed my life and my health in ways I never dreamed possible. I have lost 125 lbs and counting, and gained my life back!"


Individual sessions can be booked at any time.

Support group sessions start every month and are limited to 10 participants.


The time to seek out either individual or group sessions is now!

      Help is here!

Teleconferencing on many platforms

COVID safe outdoor sessions available in sunny Southern California!

Many forms of payment accepted

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