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Women Helping Women

Charity & Tzedakah

Elissa has many ways of giving back to those in need. 
Over the years, you may have found her singing for senior citizens on The East Coast.  She relies on community support to help the less fortunate. 


In 2020, she started a personal project called Women Helping Women. 


You can help Elissa by donating gift cards, which she distributes to those in need.  If you are interested in participating in Women Helping Women, please contact Elissa via email. 


She has now helped homeless women and women who have lost their jobs during COVID in California, New Mexico, Tennessee, New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Florida.

How Women Helping Women Started

In December 2019, after the loss of Elissa's husband, she met Makayla at a group art therapy session.  She sat down next to her and introduced herself.  Elissa was drawn by her warmth and southern accent in a way that changed her life.  They both had suffered grief, loss, and trauma, and immediately bonded over their shared grief.


Makayla was the same age as Elissa's daughter when she lost her father and her step-father. Makayla was in the middle of earning her associates degree and working three jobs: she was an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics, babysitting 2 boys, and walking dogs. Elissa asked Makayla to send her a catalogue so she could buy some products from her.


In March of that year, Makayla's mom died. She immediately left that day to go back home, but before leaving, they exchanged contact information and thus began their personal and professional relationship.


Makayla Crowder, beauty consultant for Mary Kay, can be found on Facebook. Please tell her Elissa Kaplan Senter sent you. 


She is beautiful inside and out.


Karin, best friends with Elissa since kindergarten.

Using gift cards that Elissa mails to her, Karin stops in Starbucks or Panera on her way to work from Penn Station to buy coffee and  food for homeless people.

Donate a Gift Card!

These are the best gifts cards you can donate to Women Helping Women:

  • Visa

  • Panera

  • Starbucks

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