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Swipe left and right to watch Elissa's slide show of the many lives she has touched.

Rabbi Aryeh

I met Elissa in 2003 when Rabbi David Senter, a close colleague and friend of mine, called to tell me he found his Bashert (soulmate). I invited them to my home in Saratoga Springs, NY for lunch with my wife and me. The luncheon turned into a weekend of Jewish learning in which the four of us immediately bonded.


I realized the spark for Judaism Elissa possessed. Thereafter, for several years, the four of us spent many weekends together learning, which culminated in her ordination as a Rabbinic Pastor. My wife and I continue our relationship with Elissa today, even after Rabbi David's death. I serve as a mentor and colleague, and have supported and guided her through the development of her Interfaith, premarital, wedding, family counseling, and chaplaincy work. I too served as a chaplain for many years, and I enjoy hearing and sharing my stories with her as she continues to grow and keep educating herself to be a better human, Jew, Rabbinic Pastor, and chaplain. I fully recommend Elissa to facilitate your wedding or support your family in their spiritual journey.

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